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STEM Resources & Downloads

Women Professionals in a STEM Field

This resource is for women who work in a STEM field. It includes communication strategies, click no rx information on attrition among women in the STEM work force, and tips on successfully balancing work and home life.

Parents and Teachers of girls who have an aptitude in STEM

This exclusive download is for parents & teachers of girls that have an aptitude in science, order technology, engineering, or math. It will provide you with the top reasons why she should pursue a career in STEM, tips for fostering and developing a love for STEM in your daughter or student, purchase and some information on avoiding a bias you may not be aware that you have.

Students who have an aptitude for or are currently studying a STEM Field

This resource is for female students who are interested in pursuing a degree in a STEM field. It includes information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships for women in STEM, lists of the top universities to study a STEM field, and strategies for deciding on a major.

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